Oཽuཽrཽ T▴r▴i▴b▴e 

Miriam’s Tribe was started because of a desire to encourage and celebrate single Christian women. 

W͟͞h͟͞y͟͞ M͟͞i͟͞r͟͞i͟͞a͟͞m͟͞? Miriam was specifically chosen because of how relatable to single women she is! Miriam had her good moments- moments of courage, quick thinking and leadership. But she wasn’t perfect. She complained about not having what Moses and Aaron received. Like when one of us single babes gets frustrated that she can’t find a single decent guy but all of her friends did! Besides that, Miriam is one of the few women given the title of prophetess, which is quite the honor for femmes in the Bible! 

O͟͞U͟͞R͟͞ P͟͞U͟͞R͟͞O͟͞S͟͞E͟͞  We want to share our joys, struggles and dreams with women on the same journey. Our main focus is to help all single sisters find peace in their purpose and joy in their unique story that God has written for them. We also recognize the value of our sisters who are on a different path called marriage AND we believe it’s very important to swap ideas and encouragement with them as well! 

So single or married we encourage you to stop by and share your heart with all of us single babes!

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